fraseología aeronáutica

The correct use of aeronautical phraseology is a fundamental element in your training as a pilot. A brief, concise and clear communication between aircraft and ground control (route, tower, approach, etc.) and eventually between aircraft is a major factor in air transport safety. In addition to knowing how to fly an aircraft, a good pilot must know the language code used in aviation to avoid confusion when receiving any notification from the ground, or expressing his requests to ground control, as well as being able to listen to the appropriate frequency in each case to interpret any radio communication that could affect his flight.

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Certificado médico aeronáutico

The aeronautical medical certificate is a fundamental requirement to achieve your goal of flying an aircraft. In order to start your flight training, you must first obtain a medical certificate. Class 1, if your goal is a professional licence (CPL). Class 2 if your goal is to fly as a hobby private pilot (PPL). This certificate is issued by the AESA (Spanish Aviation Safety Agency).

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escoger escuela de aviación

Choosing an aviation school is a decision that involves many factors. Aspects such as the geographical location, the airspace in which the flight training takes place, the weather conditions of the area or the connection with the main geographical points of the country must be taken into account.

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aeropuerto sostenible

The aviation industry has been working for years on a way to reduce its impact on the environment. The focus is often on aircraft and their fuel, but to reduce the industry’s carbon footprint, airport environments must also be made more sustainable.

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Vuelo instrumental

There are two ways of flying an aircraft: visual flight – direct and intuitive – and instrumental flight, which is much more technical.

In visual flight conditions, the terrain, cities, roads, etc… give us clear indications of our position. This is the mode practised in Sport Aviation, and in fact with good visibility and at low altitude, a simple road map could be enough to guide us safely. But what happens when the flight takes place in conditions of low or no visibility, over clouds, at night, over the ocean…? In these cases, instrument flight must be used. For this, both the aircraft and the pilot must be qualified.

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simuladores de vuelo

The flight simulator is an essential device in pilot training. They are a tool that perfectly complements training in real aircraft, as they allow students to train in a wide variety of scenarios and situations – often difficult to reproduce in real flight – which will allow them to gain experience and put into practice the theoretical knowledge learnt in class.

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Mujeres que han marcado la aviación

The aviation sector still has a long way to go to achieve gender equality. Even so, throughout history we have found pioneering women who achieved unimaginable goals in aviation, considering the framework of their time. Many women have marked the history of aviation. On this occasion we focus on some of those who inspire us the most, and who have left the greatest mark throughout these 120 years of aviation history.

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General Aviation

Airport infrastructures are one of the key elements for carrying out aeronautical activities with guarantees, maintaining a high degree of safety, and linking the territory of countries and continents.

The phrase “a couple of kilometres of road lead nowhere, but a couple of kilometres of runway connect with the world”. It is all the more valid when we consider the enormous number of people and goods that travel through the skies of the world every day with an airport as their point of origin and destination.

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In-flight comfort is a recurring theme when it comes to commercial aviation. There are always jokes, anecdotes and stories about the discomfort of airline seats. “The seats are cramped”, “the rows are too close together” or “I couldn’t even get up” are all recurring phrases for travellers flying in economy class.

These problems are nothing new in the sector, but if we add COVID safety measures to the lack of space, we find that alternatives must be sought for the organisation and design of aircraft interiors.

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Podcast aviación

Nowadays, we have access to an enormous amount of information. If you want to know about a subject, all you need is an internet connection and the ability to type in a search engine. The problem comes when you see that the results are endless and none of them convince you. In addition to the many results, there are also many different formats: video, news, infographics, blogs, etc.

One of the most consumed formats right now is the podcast. This format is a fun and effective way to keep up to date with trends in the sector and, in addition, as it is in audio format, it allows you to continue doing your homework while you listen to them.

Today we propose a series of podcasts on aviation that will provide you with the information you need to keep up to date with trends in the sector:

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