With the increase in the number of students, we have formalized the order of a new Tecnam P2002JF G500 to the Capua factory in Italy. We expect the delivery in the month of May to be incorporated into the current aircraft fleet of EAS BARCELONA.


Volotea continues to rely on our Airbus 320 simulator to test the candidates for a co-pilot position on the airline. There have already been more than 60 applicants who have been spending these last two months at the EAS BARCELONA facilities and carried out their technical test in the A320 simulator.
In addition 10 EAS students have passed the tests and are already performing the type B717 or A320 rating for Volotea. The percentage of students trained at EAS BARCELONA who have passed the entrance exams is the highest of the schools in Spain that have submitted their students to the airline.


Great success in the SUNEXPRESS Presentation in EAS Barcelona.

More than 40 students came to the school to attend a recruitment section presentation from SUNEXPRESS. They have been told about its recruitment process for copilots that have just been licensed, with support on the TR and on the working conditions, as well as good salary opportunities.

All EAS Barcelona students who are finishing its course may apply the airline company for B737 fleet through the school.

EAS Barcelona Aerosport 2018

This year, EAS Barcelona has also been present at the Aerosport event that took place at the Igualada Aerodrome on 19 and 20 May.
Over the weekend there have been aerial exhibitions and numerous public visits to the facilities and the availability of our courses.


We increasingly have students that come to us looking for quality in training and speed in the completion of the courses without delays nor difficulties to fly. The students that finish their courses in EAS Barcelona are the first to openly speak about the good personal treatment and the quality of the training received.

With the aim of carrying on with our commitment to the quality and the established courses deadlines, this April we have added two new Tecnam P2002JF aircrafts to our school’s single-engine fleet.

To celebrate it, we propose a great offer for those students who are doing their modular training, need hours of time building and contract their modular courses with EAS Barcelona. Do not hesitate to be informed about the conditions, write an email to or call +34 932502020.

We carry out all the modular courses with no interruptions and in the shortest possible time.

VFRN Visual night

CR(MEP) Multiengine rating

IR(A)-MEP Instrument rating in multiengine

CPL(A) CPL modular course

NEW PBN COURSES (Performance based navigation)

EAS Barcelona teaches PBN courses aimed at all airplane pilots who have IR rating. This course allows pilots and instructors to maintain all capacities in its instrumental rating to fly in accordance with navigation based performance (PBN) according to UE 2016/539 Regulations that modifies 1178/2011.

EAS Barcelona has received the approval for the realization of the courses, becoming one of the first ATOs that can do the courses in a FNPTII simulator certified for the 4 types of RNP approaches and being able to also carry out the approaches with their planes approved for PBN too.

The course includes a theoretical part, practical part in a simulator and a skill test, after which the PBN competition will be recorded in the pilot’s logbook. As of 25th August 2018, pilots who have not completed the course, may only fly routes and approaches that do not require PBN attributions and only until 25th August 2020, when it will be required to maintain the IFR (instrument flight rules) rating.

Likewise, all FI and IRI instructors must include the PBN attribution for instructing in instruments.

New simulator A320

Almost finished our A320 simulator. Within a few weeks you will be ready to start the MCC courses.

PBN Courses (Performance-based navigation)

EAS Barcelona has got the approval of the FNPTII simulator to do PBN courses required to all IR pilots, together with the approval of our P2006T too. With that, we become one of the first ATOs in Spain that can do this training with both simulator and aircraft.
PBN requirements will be necessary before June 2018 for the fulfillment of RNP approaches and compulsory before 2020 for all pilots in IFR flights.
Do not hesitate to contact us to request information about the courses we offer in our facilities in Barcelona.

New Promotion of ATP Integrated Course

New Promotion of ATP Integrated Course

Yesterday 19th February started the new promotion of Integrated Course in EAS Barcelona. Students are going to attend theoretical classes and flight and simulator sessions for 18 months, until they will obtain Commercial Pilot license with frozen ATPL and Single engine (SEP), Multi engine (MEP), IR and MCC ratings.

Next promotion will start the course in June this year.

We welcome all of you and hope you reach to be part of a flight crew very soon.

Open call FI(A) Course

Cursos instructor de vuelo FI(A) – CRI(MEP) – IRI(A)

Open call for FI(A) Course and instructors hiring in EAS Barcelona.

In presence of the students growing predicted for 2018 and the lack of instructors, next March we start a new promotion of FI(A) course.

The course lasts 2 months and it includes:

  • Acceptance flight
  • Theoretical-practical course
  • 24 hours SEP
  • 1 hour SEP SPIN practice.
  • 5 hours FNPTII

All applicants who pass the course will be hired by EAS BARCELONA with full-time contract for 3 months. After trial period, there will be a selection of candidates that will be part of the regular instructors’ staff of EAS Barcelona.


  • EASA CPL(A) license into force
  • 5 flight hours during the last 6 months

If you are interested send us an information request and CV to