Air freight is used in almost all industrial sectors and distribution chains. The use of the airplane as a means of transport is ideal for certain goods, such as high value finished products, urgent goods, etc., but is not advisable for others such as bulk, low value and high weight and/or volume goods, for technical or cost reasons.

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evolución de Iberia

In this second part of the company’s history, we are going to talk about the evolution of Iberia from the arrival of the reactors in the 1960s to the present day.

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The Iberia airline we all know today is one of the oldest in the world. The history of Iberia has been growing and consolidating throughout its almost 85 years. Read more


When a plane is suffering a serious emergency, the pilot activates the radio and communicates “mayday” three times, while trying to save the situation. Read more

The most spectacular landings in the world

Being an airline pilot is one of the most responsible professions in the world. That is why we have compiled a TOP 6 of the most spectacular landings in the world.

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aviation films

As every week, we present the best topics related to aviation. Today the EAS Barcelona team has been making a ranking of the best aviation films that from our professional criteria we consider to be the best aviation films shot. We had to spend a weekend hooked on the TV watching one movie after another to make this TOP 7 of the best aviation movies. Read more

On June 8th we will finally able to resume our flight activity.
The whole EAS BARCELONA Team has prepared, together with the aircraft and simulators, to continue training our students safely and always following the government’s recommendations.
We hope to see you soon to continue your training or to help you begin to fulfill your dream of becoming a pilot.

aircraft plane load

In this post you will find answers to issues related to the Aircraft loading and centering, the load allowed in an aircraft or the relationship between the load and fuel of the same. Read more

AEFA (Spanish Association of Aeronautic Training Schools)

Together we are stronger.


The main Pilot Schools in Spain, together at AEFA.

Just a few more days and we’ll fly together again!

Plane Business Class

Today there are many airlines, but not all of them offer the same services. Among the largest airlines in the world (American Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Emirates, Lufthansa, Iberia, etc.) we find what is known as “business class” among other more or less known commercial names, but which represent equally synonymous with comfort. Read more