Aviones supersónicos y la barrera del sonido

During World War II, the world of aviation underwent an impressive technological revolution. Each time the aircraft were able to fly higher and faster. But pilots and engineers ran into the so-called ‘sound barrier’ over and over again. That is, the possibility of exceeding the speed at which sonic waves are transmitted through the air. Approximately 344 m / s at 20 ° C temperature, or what is the same, 1,238.4 km / h.

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que es el piloto automático de un avión

For students, future pilots, and even passengers with a certain concern to expand their knowledge, the automatic pilot of aircraft is not completely unknown. However, it is common to ask questions about its operation and role during the flight.

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In recent months, we have seen how airlines such as Iberia, British Airways, or Qantas are withdrawing their four-engine A340 / 600 aircraft. At the same time, Boeing announced by 2022 the end of the manufacture of the B747. A legendary four-engine.

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For a year now, the pandemic caused by COVID-19 has been affecting millions of people throughout the world. A health tragedy that directly affects the whole world economy and especially the aeronautical sector which is one of its major drivers.

In @easbarcelona we are convinced that the sector recovery will start in the coming months. However, we understand that students who have completed their pilot course during the last year have seen their expectations -of being able to access a commercial pilot job- delayed in most cases, with the consequent additional cost to renew their pilot license.

@easbarcelona will continue to support our students tirelessly in achieving their goal. To help them in these months, we have decided to facilitate the license renewal at no cost to all our ATPL Integrated Course students who have completed the course in 2020 and have not yet found a job in the sector. In this way they will not have to bear an additional financial burden for a period that, we hope and wish, will be short. By doing so, we hope to contribute to making this situation more bearable for all of our graduates.

EAS Barcelona ALWAYS supporting the sector.

Do you know what the Winglets are?

The winglets of an airplane are the fins, they are usually vertical, and are located at the tip of the wing. These make it possible to reduce the induced resistance. In other words, they serve to prevent the air flow from the soffit from mixing with that from the extrados due to the difference in pressure between them.

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How are contrails left by airplanes generated and affected?

What are airplane contrails?

The white trails that aircraft sometimes leave in their wake are produced as a consequence of the high temperature of the gas jets that come out of the engines (often at temperatures above 500º C) in contrast to the low temperatures – of the order of minus 56ºC – which prevail at the heights at which commercial flights normally take place, which causes condensation and subsequent freezing of the water vapor they contain. These condensation trails – popularly known as “contrails”, a word derived from the English “condensation trails” – can turn into clouds, depending on the prevailing humidity, temperature and wind conditions at all times.

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Large aircraft such as the Antonov 124, the Airbus Beluga, or the Super Guppy are always in the spotlight due to their large wingspan and their ability to carry extremely large loads, such as parts of other aircraft, components of spaceships, or even other whole planes.

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future fuels aircraft hybrid

Respect for the environment and the implementation of cleaner engines and fuels have occupied and concerned the aeronautical sector for decades.

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The trends of the aviation for 2021

At the last years, the industry of the aviation has suffered an extraordinary renewal: they have removed ancient aircraft substituting them for others more efficient, has increased the number of units of the fleets, deleting paths little profitable and improving the operative that offers at the customer. Everything this has permitted abaratir the cost of the tickets and pose near at hand of any one the possibility to travel with airliner.

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This is the way for management of the aerial trance at world level

At weighing that the derivative pandemia of the Covid19 has produced a drastic descent of the daily number of flights at world level, at a day can give thousands of simultaneous flights. In fact, in July of 2019 it reached achieve the figure of 230.000 at only day. The management of the aerial trance at precise world level of some determinate procedures that permit to standardise all the operation of flight since the takeoff at the flight of cruise, or the landing.

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