In 3 months, from private pilot to the co-pilot of Boeing 737 at Ryanair

Interview with Enrique Moresco Morato, EAS Barcelona, Barcelona student who, 3 months after coming to our school, has been selected by Ryanair as a co-pilot.

EAS Barcelona: You came to our pilot school in April 2017 from another ATO. What was the change due to?

Enrique: 2 years ago, I completed the PPL course but I could not do the modular courses nor the Time Building because my school did not program flights for me. So I decided to switch to EAS Barcelona in order to finish my training. Read more

Taking ATPL course at EAS Barcelona. Interview with the student.

Please tell us a few words about yourself.

My name is Martí Reverté Rodellas and I am 19 years old. I am from Barcelona and currently studying to become a pilot at flight school EAS Barcelona. I am making my dream come true.

Which course are you doing with EAS Barcelona?

I’m doing the Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) course. It is an 18 month integrated course where I can learn theory and also learn and practice to fly planes. In the theoretical part we learn the fundamentals of aeronautics and aviation and everything that relates to it. During the practical part we physically learn to fly a plane with the best guarantees of safety. We learn to take decisions in complicated situations as well. We are trained and prepared for all possible situations which we could find in our daily work and in the future. Read more

Test-flight during Visitor day at Sabadell airport

Test-flight at Sabadell airport, Barcelona, Spain

Last Friday the EAS Barcelona Pilot School organised a Visitor day at Sabadell airport where it offered a test-flight to the future pilots, in its airplanes with our certified flight instructors – Vanessa and Alejandro. Read more