How to Prepare for the Pilot Interview

entrevista de piloto

The interview to become a commercial pilot is a crucial step in the career of any aspiring aviator. It’s not just about demonstrating technical skills and flight experience but also …

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5 Reasons to Become a Commercial Pilot in Barcelona

piloto comercial en barcelona

Commercial aviation is constantly growing, and with it, the demand for qualified commercial pilots has never been higher. As airlines expand their fleets and increase routes to meet the growing demand for air travel, the need for well-trained and prepared professionals becomes crucial. Becoming a commercial pilot offers an exciting, challenging, and rewarding career with opportunities that span the globe.

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Flight Simulation in Pilot Training

simulacion de vuelo

Pilot training is a fundamental cornerstone of the aviation industry. As skies become increasingly crowded with commercial, private, and cargo aircraft, the need for highly skilled and competent pilots has never been more critical. Pilots must not only master the art of flying but also handle a wide range of complex situations, from adverse weather conditions to in-flight emergencies. This ability to face and overcome varied challenges ensures the safety and efficiency of air operations, protecting both passengers and crews.

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The best airlines – Which ones?

Several different lists publish the best airlines in the world, but the most prestigious is Skytrax’s list which is known as “the Oscars of aviation”, which are awarded at an annual ceremony in Paris.

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With the increase in the number of students, we have formalized the order of a new Tecnam P2002JF G500 to the Capua factory in Italy. We expect the delivery in …

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