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Training in Barcelona

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The EAS headquarters is in the city of Barcelona, where all the lectures are held and the flight simulator developed.

The school’s location provides great comfort to students seeing as it is less than a hundred metres from the main railway station, the metro and the bus stops for intercity travel, travelling further distances, or for travelling to and from the main outlying villages.

Sagrada Familia EAS Barcelona

The City

The cultural values, leisure and services of the city of Barcelona are a great added bonus for students. Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city, with an inviting, open attitude and great atmosphere. With close to two million inhabitants, it stands as one of the great capitals of Mediterranean Europe. Its huge commercial and gastronomic offerings create an unparalleled atmosphere. Add to that its grand architecture from various eras – from the remains of Roman architecture in the Gothic Quarter, to the plethora of breathtaking modernist buildings designed by great architects (such as Antoni Gaudí, who is always singled out), its urban layout and contemporary buildings, and the cultural and artistic appeal is undeniable. The geographical location of Barcelona is privileged as well –  open to the sea, with a special port and great beaches, and extending into the mountain, into the Collserola mountain range, where you can enjoy outdoor exercise and spectacular views.

Formación piloto Barcelona Sants

The School

Our school is located next to Sants Estació (Sants Station) which allows direct connections with the Barcelona Airport, the Sabadell Airport, and anywhere else in Spain.

In Barcelona, we have facilities of 500 m. that include classrooms, a library, an R&T laboratory, administrative services and two flight simulators with all the technological advancements of recent years incorporated.

For the practical exercises, EAS Barcelona uses the Sabadell airport, situated 30 minutes from the school in Barcelona. In the Sabadell airport, EAS Barcelona operates its own facilities for flight dispatch and weather briefings in the new building of the law firm Aena, next to the airport’s own flight dispatch and planning offices, which makes the carrying out of flights extremely practical.