Cabin crew and airline pilot courses

Our mission and vision

EAS Barcelona aspires to be a training institution with wholly-satisfied students, whose students are able to obtain the best possible result in their training. EAS Barcelona intends to be a leading aviation training enterprise in Europe synonymous with quality training.

The word quality doesn’t just sound nice, despite its misuse by countless publicity-starved individuals or organizations. Nor is quality just an expression used with the intention of praising oneself for work done in an attempt to move one step closer to excellence.

Maybe utter excellence doesn’t exist, but there ought to be a certain of level of verifiers to mark the varying degrees of quality. Quality can be proven by satisfying results. In this manner, the aim of EAS Barcelona is that its students complete their training with the best possible results, accompanied by a wide range of skills: not just with their learned ability, but also with sound judgement, scientific knowledge, and occupational aptitude.

Ideario de EAS Barcelona

The EAS Barcelona team has achieved this for several years. All of their pilots and cabin crew that have progressed through their formal training and are flying today, are doing so with great success, in a multitude of national and international airlines.

To speak of quality is speaking, more concretely, of safety and security. One doesn’t exist without the other. The matter of safety permeates every activity undertaken at EAS Barcelona. To EAS Barcelona, global safety requisites, which become more and more ambitious and stringent with time, and thus, more demanding, are not an inconvenient obstacle, nor a difficulty that must be overcome. Rather, they are an opportunity for constant improvement. A basis for action, and, fundamentally, our overall purpose.

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This characteristic of EAS Barcelona is the first unquestionable argument in recognition of quality and safety (at the highest level) as both inseparable and essential factors. In no way is it solely how we act (or how we want to act), but achieving one’s objectives in this and all areas is a part of EAS Barcelona’s very own DNA. It is only by extending the importance of quality and safety to everyone involved in EAS Barcelona at every level – be they instructors, organizers or directors – that these currently desired levels of quality and safety may be reached.

Ideario de EAS Barcelona