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Commercial pilot training can also be done in a modular way in those cases when applicants do not have enough time to attend ATPL(A) integrated course.

In those cases, the training starts with Private Pilot license, which lasts 3 months approximately. Once this course is finished and the license obtained, pilots must fly 100 hours as a Pilot in Command (which can be done by time building and under the supervision of EAS Barcelona) and the night flight course VFRN.

With 70 hours flight as a PIC, the multi-engine course CR(MEP) can be done.

At the same time, students must do the theoretical Modular ATPL(A) course (either on-site or on-line way) and pass the 14 official exams.

Once the official exams have been passed and the requirements of minimum flight hours are met, you can already take IR(A)-MEP and CPL(A) courses and pass the corresponding flight exams.

This type of modular training has the following scheme:

Total duration of training will always depend on the necessary time to pass the theoretical exams and the time needed to do all the flight hours required. However, it is estimated that the total duration is 24 to 36 months.


Airline Pilot Training in Barcelona

PPL course (private pilot)

APTL(A) modular course

Time Building

Night course VFRN

Class rating multiengine course CR(MEP)

Instrument modular course IR(A)-MEP

Commercial pilot course CPL(A)