Pilot Schools in Barcelona

Fleet of learning aircraft

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At EAS Barcelona, we know the importance of always being abreast of technological advancements in aviation.

It is for this reason that we always want to have the latest technology and the newest materials. Our fleet of aircraft is completely new and has been acquired straight from the manufacturer. EAS Barcelona has also opted for the latest cockpit technology used in all modern aircraft of global airlines, with the representation of the flight data on large screens that offer more information and better interpretation of parameters. This is what is called a “Glass Cockpit”.

Fleet of learning aircraft

Leading Technology

We believe that both safety and quality are absolutely essential, and therefore we have new aircraft with all the latest technology. It is far from inadequate, but unfortunately, there is a frequent tendency that leads to that the average age of aircraft used for training in Spain to be 20 years old, and, consequently, does not have the latest developments in a sector in which technological advances are of great significance.

Fleet of learning aircraft

The Aircraft

Aircraft used are TECNAM 2002 for basic training and TECNAM 2006 for advanced training and IFR.

In regard to flight simulators, EAS BARCELONA has two –  the only ones in Spain to be used for all flight phases – which employ only the newest and most recent technology.

Two FNPTII certified simulators are based on the same aircraft used in the TECNAM 2006  and located in Sabadell and Barcelona and the third FNPTII MCC on the most common passenger aircraft in the world: the AIRBUS 320.

EAS BARCELONA also has aerobatic planes for the UPRT and AR courses.