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Welcome to EAS, your flight school dedicated to train commercial and airline transport pilots in Barcelona.

Your path to becoming a professional airline pilot begins here and now.

At EAS Barcelona, we understand your fascination and passion for flight. Being part of the flight crew of an aircraft is a future profession that will allow you to enjoy your work every single day. Our mission is to guide you in every step towards becoming a great professional pilot, combining advanced theory with intensive flight practices and great flight availability thanks to our wide fleet and flight instructor workforce. Here, your aspiration to be an airline pilot becomes a tangible and exciting career plan. Welcome to EAS.

Why choose EAS Barcelona?

At EAS Barcelona we exceed compliance with all regulatory modifications and we have been pioneers in Europe in the implementation of the new mandatory EASA requirements such as the PBN, UPRT courses or the new implementation of the MCC APS.

We collaborate closely with the Spanish AESA and European EASA authorities to study the incorporation of new regulations in our professional aircraft pilot courses. Our strength relies on great flight availability thanks to our extensive fleet and dedicated flight instructor workforce.

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Find out where you are going to study, where you are going to carry out your flight preparation and our facilities at Sabadell airport as well as the facilities near Sants station in Barcelona.

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The aeronautical business is a sector in constant growth due to the need for mobility that is increasingly present in today's society. Discover the future that awaits you and contact us if you have any questions.

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At EAS Barcelona, each flight is one step closer to your dream. With industry-leading training programs, experts passionate about aviation, and cutting-edge resources, your future as an airline pilot takes off from here.