The administrative headquarters and general mailing address of EAS Barcelona is located on Rector Triadó Street, next to Sants Station.

All of the theoretical classes and flight simulation training are carried out at this location. Individual meetings between the student and the corresponding parties involved in the student’s training, in relation to their progress, verification of instructional efficiency, addressing and resolving problems (if necessary) and periodical evaluations will also take place at this location.

Flight sessions are completed at Sabadell Airport, in which EAS Barcelona has its own office and flight-tracker, flight preparation zone, and private lounges for both students and instructors.

Oficinas Sabadell de EAS Barcelona

EAS Barcelona meets the needs of all of its students in a variety of ways:

  • Theoretical and flight simulation training phases in a large city centre (being Barcelona, Sants): The city’s location and layout provides students with quick and easy daily access. On the contrary, other, more distant educational enterprises (ones that are NOT EAS Barcelona) force students to waste a lot of time commuting.
  • Classrooms are equipped with the most up-to-date technologies, IT, and computer software, but also equipped for the use of more “traditional” systems. That is to say – the use of advanced technology is of utmost importance in the process of learning, but the exclusive use of said technology could produce deficiencies.
  • Library: Seeing as current information technology allows for the storing of thousands upon thousands of digitized books in tablet form, the library is a place of silence, providing students with the comfort and more than adequate space to read, write, sketch, imagine, and above all, put into practice all they have learned throughout the duration of the course.
  • Private Meeting Rooms: It is absolutely fundamental that the student receives, in a regular fashion, and especially whenever desired, the orientation, assessment, and solution to any consultation or concern that may arise in regard to their theoretical training. Using our private meeting rooms, located in the same building as the classrooms, the aforementioned consultation or concern can be met and handled with immediate action.
  • Facilities for the flight phase (room for briefings, preparation and analysis of findings, along with the flight dispatch)in the Sabadell Airport’s service building: Students must be able to effectively arrange and organize all of the pre and post flight services; corresponding to both the flight school itself and those used by airport operators in air traffic control, instantly and in the best terms, for both quality and comfort. This is how the professional world works, and also how the best results are achieved – as operational as they are educational.

Virtual visit to the EAS facilities in Barcelona and Sabadell