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New record for the world’s longest non-stop flight

Qatar Airways and Qantas have long struggled to be the airline with the longest flight in the world. However, Singapore Airlines has recently joined the market for very long-distance flights.

The Asian company had recently offered the longest non-stop flight in the world, connecting the cities of Singapore and Newark (New Jersey) on a trip of just over 17 hours, and previously this record was held by Qatar Airways, with its 17.5 hour flight linking Auckland (New Zealand) and Doha (Qatar). Another airline that bets on this type of flights is the Australian company Qantas. Until now, its longest route without stops was the Perth (Australia) -Londres route, which runs in 17 hours. 

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The largest aviation schools in the world

Do you want to be a pilot? If your answer is affirmative, this will interest you. Enrolling in a pilot course with guarantees requires finding the schools that offer the best services and equipped with the best infrastructure and technology. Fully-equipped classrooms with the latest generation in simulators and good fleet of airplanes are essential requirements.

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Global Shortage of Aircraft Pilots

According to Boeing Pilot & Technician Outlook of 2019, during the next 20 years, the demand of pilotsand workers of the sector will have an important increase to maintain the world fleet. Specifically, it is estimated that 804,000 new civil aviation pilots, 769,000 new maintenance technicians and 914,000 more cabin crew are required.

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