Airbus A-320 simulator in EAS Barcelona

EAS Barcelona forms in all the professional profiles that constitute the crews of the airline planes.

The qualification required to occupy these places is obtained from the ATO approval, through the specific programs of EAS Barcelona, ​​in the courses called ATP (Air Transport Pilot).

The ATP course consists of a theoretical part, a simulator part and a flight part. They are not parts that are executed sequentially, one after another, but they are coordinated parts, of simultaneous execution in certain phases, that configure the integration of studies for a solid and effective learning.

The simulator practices are carried out in an Airbus A-320 simulator, located in our offices in Barcelona.
EAS Barcelona has the most current technology to guarantee an optimal evolution in the learning of our students. We use the cockpit technology used in all modern airlines of the world, with the representation of flight data on large screens that offer more information and better interpretation of the parameters. It is what is called “Glass Cockpit”.

Below, you can see all the details of our Airbus A-320 simulator: