What mean the numbers that appear at the pitches of landing?

If we observe a pitch of landing will be able to view that at both letterheads appear big numeric inscriptions painted of white at the paviment. His meaning offers a valuable information at the pilots, so much on shore how at the air. This same numbering is what figure at the cards of approach at the airports that have the crews to schedule and execute the navigation.

Meaning of the numbers at the pitches of landing

The numbering that appears at both wingers of the pitches of landing responds at the magnetic orientation of this. That is to say, if an aircraft has at landing with a course -for example- 130° at the letterhead of the pitch that has confront with security will view a “13” at big natures. And it is that the numbers of pitch determine with the course that marks a compass situated at a winger of the pitch, rounding at the 10 more next ranks and the decimal at the immediately superior rank. In other words, which thing signifies with the numbers painted at the soil is the address at which aims the pitch.

Like all the pitches of landing are straight, and attended that the circumference that marks the Rose of Winds has 360 ranks, the opposite winger of the pitch always differs 180 ranks, thus this will be the difference at ranks among both courses of pitch and therefore the numbering will differ likewise at 18 digits among both letterheads. A pitch of takeoff of 73 ranks that aims east will identify with 07, whereas another oriented 220 ranks southwest will designate 22. The tallest number always will be 36, corresponding at 360th that they are the ranks that complete a circle.

What occurs if an airport has two pitches of parallel landing?

At case of airports that have two pitches of parallel landing, in addition to identifying with the code of two digits that signify his orientation include beside the numbers the letters “R” or “L”, right “right” and “left” left respectively, to be able to them differentiate.
They exist airports, like the JFK in New York that have of more of two parallel pitches, thus at the pitch that stays at the centre appends it to him at the numeric digits one C of “head office”.

They capsize the numbers of the pitches of landing?

In the course of time they produce light variations at the magnetic poles of the Earth, which thing obliges at adjusting each true number of years the official orientation of the pitches of flight, so much on the asphalt and at the cards of approach of the airfields.
Therefore, it revises of periodic mode the magnetic orientation of the pitch and modify as a consequence the already painted numbers.

Numbers on the wind at the pitches

The aircraft require to elevate and land the most oriented at the wind that was possible, so as to facilitate the manoeuvre to go at the air or of braked on shore. The pitches of landing construct taking into account this premise, after a survey of the predominant winds of the zone. Therefore, his orientation and use for landing or takeoff is not random.
At case of not to have wind, the takeoff or landing can make for any one of both letterheads, instead if it exists wind the letterhead at kick always will be what offer a more contrary orientation at the wind direction that was possible.
Summarising, at the hour to construct a new airport the magnetic orientation is determined to a large extent for the dominant winds at the zone (presence of mounts, cores inhabited, etc…also are taken into account), and this will stay reflected at the figures that appear at both letterheads so that they are of easy identification so much since the air and at the cards that use the pilots at his approaches and starts.