airplane paint efficiency

Colours, images, logos… the aerial companies blend extravagant or minimalist combinations to give him main personality or simply to make more corporate his aircraft. But, this affects at the moment of the flight?

How much minor weight, main efficiency of flight

Maintain at loves a more weighed object that the air implies that at main main weight hampered and energetic expense. For this reason, achieve lighten an airliner is one of the fixations of the sector of the airlift. How less weight take the less aircraft fuel will consume. For this reason the baggages are weighed at the hour to invoice them, and a lot of airways charge pluses for each extra kilo of baggage. In fact, if we seize the seats or any part of the furniture of an airliner and compare the ones with his respective versions more ancient, will observe that they weigh at least almost the half that before.

The same occurs with the painting. For example, to paint the outside of a Airbus A320 makes few decades needed 250 kilos of painting. At the actuality, the technicians of app of the painting and his own composition have gone evolving to minimise the weight appended by this concept that has to endure the airliner. In fact, now to paint a A320 as only require some 100 kilos of painting.

Where they paint the airliners?

An airliner after being fashioned hands coated with several cloaks of imprimación of base, with some little chromatic gammas attractive that can oscillate among the browns and greens, that have the double function to protect the metal of the surface and improve the posterior adherence of the painting. At a later date it will apply the final painting and the vinyls –at some cases- or create and logos that will give corporate personality at the aircraft. Only it derives it vertical of the tail uses to to come of factory with the colours and logo final. These specific works of painting realise at big hangars enabled with the necessary modes to apply the painting at optimal temperature and without airflows, which thing guarantees the quality of the finish.

The process to give colour at a new airliner of factory inducts with the escatant the surface so as to delete rests of dirt or greases adhered. Already with the totally clean fuselage proceeds at giving colour and life at the outside of the airliner. At a lot of cases after the app of colour incorporate cloaks of transparent varnishes that permit main protection of the colours and against water or dust.

Quan treats of the repintat of an airliner, at all these tasks it is necessary to append the pickling of all the aircraft, so as to delete the old painting at substituting.

How much lasts the painting of an airliner?

In the course of time, the painting of the airliner goes missing properties for the fact that is exposed at tall levels of rays UV (ultraviolet) and at the big changes of temperature -of +40 or 50 °C at some latitudes in the summer, at -55 °C when blasts at 11.000 metres of height- that has to suffer daily.

Besides, the cleanup, app of chemical products of descongelamientos or the same effect of friction of the air provokes the wear of the painting. Therefore, it recommends the repainted of the aircraft each five or eight dependent years of his state. To finalise, an economic curiosity: Paint an airliner of line costs among 40.000 and 160.000 euros, depending of the size of the aircraft, and of the more or less artistic tastes of the operator.

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