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Principales Aeropuertos de España

In this new blog entry we want to analyze the main spanish airports according to the growth trend they have had in recent years in the areas of passenger traffic flow, operations and freight. Read more

Historia de Boeing

The history of Boeing begins on July 15, 1916, when a company called Pacific Aero Products Co. is established in Seattle (USA). At that time the company was nothing more than a small factory of seaplanes and aeronautical parts located by the Duwamish River. Read more

Países con más tráfico aéreo

Although global air traffic fell by 55% in the last week of March, compared to the same period in 2019, due to the health crisis of COVID-19, the truth is that air travel in recent decades has become an indispensable part of our lives. Read more

Dear Students from EAS BARCELONA,

We are doing everything possible so that our students can follow up their training properly and without completely disconnecting from their daily classes.

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Aviones más rápidos del mundo

With the discovery of the jet engine and the pressurised cabin, limiting factors such as altitude and speed became irrelevant. This led to the development of the fastest planes in the world. Read more

Titanes de la aviación - Airbus

This May, Airbus will celebrate 51 years of activity, going from being a nascent beginner to one of the giants of the aeronautical industry. Read more

Pepa Colomer y

On April 17, 2018, Tammie Jo Shults (56 years old) safely landed on Boeing 737-700 after suffering an in-flight explosion in one of the engines of her aircraft. The case of Captain Shults, of the commercial airline Southwest Airlines, was praised for her professionalism and technical skill in extreme circumstances.

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Beyond the strong shock experienced by air transport due to the recent situation against COVID-19, which has caused a temporary slowdown in the growth of the sector, the truth is that commercial aviation at the global level has been experiencing for some years a significant and sustained growth in the demand for pilots over time.

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Recently the Australian airline Qantas made headlines for making the longest non-stop commercial flight to date.

The Australian airline made this longer flight, as part of an investigation on how long-term flights can affect pilots, cabin crew and passengers.

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