Business Class How is it different?

Today there are many airlines, but not all of them offer the same services. Among the largest airlines in the world (American Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Emirates, Lufthansa, Iberia, etc.) we find what is known as “business class” among other more or less known commercial names, but which represent equally synonymous with comfort.

The distribution of classes on most flights, if we follow the order of seats from the cockpit to the tail of the plane, usually follow this order: First we would find first class, followed by business class and finally occupying most of the seats in the plane, economy class.

First let’s start by defining what business class is.

Being Business Class together with First Class the two most comfortable categories to travel in, the ones that take more care of the details, and where the passenger receives more attention, do we know what are the factors that differentiate them?

Business Class. What does it mean?

The meaning of business class is as it would be known here “business class”. It consists of a qualitative leap from tourist class towards greater quality and comfort. Although the first class is above in terms of performance, we must say that continuously the business class is improving to points that we find small differences between the latter two.

If you have never tried to travel in this class, the day you do (provided, of course, that the economic level allows it) you will be amazed and do not want to return to the seats together and tighten more to the bottom. It goes without saying that quality and comfort is paid for, and the price of a business ticket is clearly higher than Tourist class.

Advantages of Business Class

Among the advantages of the business class you can highlight the seats, in addition to their comfort, have up to 2 meters from each other. The food? The food is usually prepared by renowned chefs and the selection of wines by prestigious sommeliers, and the attention of the cabin crew is somewhat superior. Lie down to the 180º that the seats allow, and enjoy the flight.

But these are not only advantages during the flight, they are also advantages before it, during the hours before take-off. Have you ever had a driver just for you? Well, with a business class ticket you can. Some airlines offer a driver to their passengers who will pick you up at home and accompany you to the airport.

Once you set foot in the airport you will not have long queues and you will not have to sit on the cold floor. You will have an exclusive VIP lounge where you can eat and drink for free while you kill time until boarding time. Before you board your new trip, take a look at the best airports in the world so that you too can enjoy all the benefits of business class. Boarding is also usually preferred, so these passengers are the first to get on board and settle into their seats.

Now that we have some idea of what it’s like to travel in business class, let’s look at how it differs from other classes.

Plane Business Class

Meat Business Class

Difference between Business Class and First Class

As we mentioned earlier, the airlines are working to ensure that there are not so many differences between these two types of ticket.

If you travel first class while waiting for boarding you can enjoy a VIP lounge where you can recharge your batteries with succulent food and various refreshments free of charge. But if there is something that characterizes first class, it is the treatment given to you once the flight has taken off. As its name indicates, it is a “first class” treatment. The crew will keep an eye on you at all times during the trip, and will quickly resolve any issues that may arise. Ask for anything you want and you will be served, as long as the requested item is on board. But what is most different about travelling on “First” is the privacy.

In First Class (unlike Business) we find very few passengers, as seats are scarce, to facilitate a more personalized attention. Shower or “real” bed, in a real “suite” are not uncommon in this category, in companies like Emirates or Thay. If you are interested in these privileges we recommend you read more about the best airlines in the world.

Bed in the plane


bed in the plane

Difference between Business Class and Economy Class

Tourist Class is the most used by the general public. Therefore we are not going to tell you anything you don’t already know, if you have ever travelled by plane. The seats in Economy Class occupy most of the plane’s passenger cabin, being the most economical. They are especially uncomfortable in low cost airlines (which usually configure their planes only with this class) in long distance trips, where tall or overweight people suffer more because of the little space between seats.

In some cases, it goes to the extreme of reserving (if available on the airline) Business or First Class seats for more space, or reserving seats next to emergency exits. These seats have more legroom but in the event of an incident, if the plane has to be evacuated, we will have to assist in opening the emergency doors. The cabin staff will offer us a pre-briefing (mandatory) before take-off.

As for the food served in tourist, most of the times the menu is composed by a predefined selection of cold or hot dishes, or sandwiches the same for all the passengers, being able to choose between two options. This does not happen in the two higher classes where the menus are more complete, of better quality and being able to choose between more dishes.

Economy class plane