Aeronautical Medical Certificate | What is it?

The aeronautical medical certificate is a fundamental requirement to achieve your goal of flying an aircraft. In order to start your flight training, you must first obtain a medical certificate. Class 1, if your goal is a professional licence (CPL). Class 2 if your goal is to fly as a hobby private pilot (PPL). This certificate is issued by the AESA (Spanish Aviation Safety Agency).

Being a pilot carries with it a great responsibility. The medical examination and the subsequent issue of the corresponding certificate are intended to ensure that the physical and mental health of the aspiring pilot, and subsequently of the pilot, are within the parameters of normality required for the safe exercise of the activity. Without a valid medical certificate, the pilot’s licence is not valid.

What are the tests I have to pass in the aeronautical medical certificate?

The Class 1 medical certificate is obtained in several stages. Until a few years ago, the certificate was obtained in a single part of a medical examination with an aero-medical examiner.

Nowadays, to get the medical certificate for pilots, you have to pass two medical examinations: a physical and a psychological one.

Physical Examination

In the first phase, a general health examination is carried out where the pilot’s physical condition is checked by an aeromedical examiner (A.M.E.). The medical examination is thorough and involves many tests.

Among the tests performed are a general health examination, an electrocardiogram, a pulmonary function test, blood and urine sample, eye examination, colour blindness test and hearing test.

Psychological Examination

As a complement to the physical examination, in 2019 a psychological examination part was added to the medical certificate for pilots, including a psycho-technical test.

This test is conducted by a flight psychologist. The professional during this test will try to establish what your psychological profile is. The test is conducted as a conversation with the psychologist.


All test results, both physical and psychological, will be given by the aeromedical examiner. The result of the test will determine whether you are fit or unfit to fly aircraft.

Does the aero-medical certificate have to be renewed?

The purpose of the aviation medical certificate is to ensure that pilots are physically and mentally fit enough to fly safely. Based on this premise, the renewal of the Class 1 medical certificate is mandatory on an annual basis.

The compulsory medical certificate for pilots is a requirement of the EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) and is necessary to fly aircraft with a European licence, irrespective of where in the world they are flying. Similar requirements apply to licences issued by other agencies in other parts of the world.