What to consider when choosing an aviation school?

Choosing an aviation school is a decision that involves many factors. Aspects such as the geographical location, the airspace in which the flight training takes place, the weather conditions of the area or the connection with the main geographical points of the country must be taken into account.

Climatology I Choosing aviation school

One of the most important factors when choosing your study centre is the weather in the area, as this is the airspace where you will be flying. Bad weather can mean reducing your training to summer only or when the weather conditions are more favourable for flight training.

The airspace where EAS Barcelona works enjoys a privileged Mediterranean climate, with more than 300 days of sunshine a year. The unique conditions of our climate allow optimal flying conditions all year round.

Air Traffic

The actual air traffic conditions in the teaching area are an important factor to be taken into account. Exercising in an area densely frequented by air traffic of all kinds improves the qualities of the future pilot, not only in the handling of the aircraft, but also in the management of situations that he or she will encounter in the future at airports with high traffic density, such as Heathrow or Paris-Charles de Gaulle.

At EAS Barcelona we carry out the training from our base at Sabadell airport, just 12 miles (20 km) from Barcelona-El Prat Josep Tarradellas International Airport, and half an hour’s flight from Reus and Girona airports. Such close proximity to a major international hub and to airports with commercial flight activity allows for a high degree of interaction between teaching and commercial air activity of all kinds.

Geography I Choosing aviation school

The geographical location of the school is also a crucial point. Having a wide variety of scenarios where you can practice your flying, as well as providing an aesthetically pleasing flight, prepares you to operate in a variety of situations and environments.

EAS Barcelona is in a privileged position. We are close to the Mediterranean Sea, but also to the Pyrenees. This gives us the option to fly to the Balearic Islands, South of France or the Cantabrian region, from San Sebastian to Pamplona, in the advanced stages of instrument flying.

In our flying school you will enjoy these and many other advantages. Come and visit us. Our headquarters are located just a few metres from the central railway station of Barcelona-Sants. One more advantage, which connects us in the fastest and most direct way with Barcelona-El Prat airport, with Sabadell airport -our flight base- with the rest of the country, and with any corner of Barcelona by means of an extensive Metro network. As you can see, it’s all advantages!