On August 25, 100 years of the first international commercial flight were completed. On the same day of 1919, an international commercial flight took off and landed without any incident.

This journey was made with a single passenger, and the trip was from London to Paris. This passenger was the journalist George Stevenson Reece, and paid 20 guineas, equivalent to 1346 euros, for a trip currently made by millions of people a year nowadays.The journey was made by a Tiger Moth biplane, operated by the current British Airways, which at that time was Air Transport & Travel Ltd.

A year later, the KILM company began offering a new commercial flight, between London and Amsterdam, marking and starting point of the current commercial aviation.

It should be noted that previously international flights had already been made, but none of them with passengers. In addition, this happens 16 years after the Wrigth brothers completed their first aviation test on a beach in North Carolina.

It should also be noted that the first commercial flight was made a few years ago, in 1914, between two locations in Florida (United States), with a Benoist Type XIV seaplane, and the duration of the flight was only 20 minutes.

A few years ago, aviation had had an interesting development but limited for the First World War. At that time, thinking of passenger flights interested few people. In fact, the first international commercial flight was not only rupturist due to the technical feat, but also to start the marketing in the arrival of the golden age of aviation.

In addition, the day that this international flight took place 100 years ago, is considered as the founding date of the current well-known aviation company Bristish Airways. That day changed the way of traveling, commercial and socially.

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