Dear Students from EAS BARCELONA,

We are doing everything possible so that our students can follow up their training properly and without completely disconnecting from their daily classes.

In order to accomplish it, all our entire team is constantly in touch with the students in order to answer their questions, take classes online, help out with studies or improve our manuals and theoretical Power Point presentations.

In addition to this and given the seriousness of the situation that COVID-19 is causing to many families, in EAS BARCELONA we consider that it is necessary to help those families who due to their circumstances, might be going through a hard time financially such as: workers affected by ERE’s or ERTES, Freelancers, merchants, or anyone who has seen their income affected by the alarm state in Spain or in their countries of origin.

For this reason, all those students who have difficulties in paying the monthly fee for their courses are welcome to inform the school about it and delay their payments for one month awaiting for the improvement of the situation.

Take care of yourselves, take care of your families and see you soon!