For a year now, the pandemic caused by COVID-19 has been affecting millions of people throughout the world. A health tragedy that directly affects the whole world economy and especially the aeronautical sector which is one of its major drivers.

In @easbarcelona we are convinced that the sector recovery will start in the coming months. However, we understand that students who have completed their pilot course during the last year have seen their expectations -of being able to access a commercial pilot job- delayed in most cases, with the consequent additional cost to renew their pilot license.

@easbarcelona will continue to support our students tirelessly in achieving their goal. To help them in these months, we have decided to facilitate the license renewal at no cost to all our ATPL Integrated Course students who have completed the course in 2020 and have not yet found a job in the sector. In this way they will not have to bear an additional financial burden for a period that, we hope and wish, will be short. By doing so, we hope to contribute to making this situation more bearable for all of our graduates.

EAS Barcelona ALWAYS supporting the sector.