Which are the regions with the highest pilot demand?

Beyond the strong shock experienced by air transport due to the recent situation against COVID-19, which has caused a temporary slowdown in the growth of the sector, the truth is that commercial aviation at the global level has been experiencing for some years a significant and sustained growth in the demand for pilots over time.

Need for new pilots

In the last decade, the world’s largest airlines posted record profits due to the increase in the number of passengers and routes. As the number and volume of airlines grows, so does the demand for new pilots. Today there is a great deficit of professionals on board, both in the technical crews (pilots) and in the cabin (TCP).

In this blog article we explained about the world deficit situation of airplane pilots.

But some regions of the globe are more prosperous than others, so airlines offer pilots the best possible conditions, in many cases based on their geographical location.

Regiones con mayor demanda de pilotos

So the question is. When choosing the next step in your career as an aviator, which place in the world is the easiest and best to find a job as a pilot?

1. Middle East

The region is becoming synonymous with luxury air travel. Furthermore, the Middle East is becoming a dominant force in the business world. More and more passengers are traveling to and from the region for various reasons.

Airlines, such as Qatar Airways, Emirates and Etihad Airways compete to offer the best possible service to travelers, while expanding their capacity also in the offer of cargo flights.

United Arab Emirates is becoming one of the most attractive places to practice as a pilot. Airlines in the Middle East are adding more and more planes to their fleets, and the good news is that each of these new planes requires several complete crews to operate them.

To meet the exponential demand for pilots, Middle Eastern airlines are offering pilots wonderful career opportunities and working conditions, with attractive salary packages.

2. Eastern Asia

If the Middle East is booming with air travel, East Asia is in command. The countries of East Asia, such as China, Japan and South Korea – except for the current situation with regard to the coronavirus – are some of the countries with the greatest demand for pilots from the East.

Its airlines are considered among the top 10 in the world according to the Skytrax awards, which placed Hainan Airlines from China and All Nippon Airways from Japan in such a select list in 2019.

Airlines in this part of the world have been experiencing a considerable crew deficit for years, so they offer excellent terms in their contracts with pilots.

3. Southeast Asian

This region is home to several countries, cultures, and airlines. It is also characterized by the offer of luxury air travel. Singapore Airlines stands out, whose main hub, Singapore Changi Airport has been considered the best in the world continuously since 2013 by the World Airport Awards.

In addition, it has large air transport companies, such as Vietnam Airlines, Garuda Indonesia, EVA Air and one of the global Airbus A380 operators, Thai Airways.

Southeast Asia low-cost airlines such as Scoot, Nok Air and Jetstar Asia are also known for first-rate service and good treatment of their employees.

4. India

The potential market and earnings for the airline industry in India are huge.

Current growth rates are astronomical. According to IATA, the number of destinations linking Indian airports has tripled in the last decade: If only 10 years ago the number of global destinations covered from Indian airports was 100, in 2018 you could board a plane at any airport in India and reach 300 airports around the world. Since the beginning of the decade, the Indian aviation market has doubled the number of passengers from 78 million to 158 million.

On the other hand, the Indian economy is growing. This increase means that consumers have more disposable income to invest in air travel. In addition, international companies are making large investments in the country, which implies that not only will Indians travel more, but India will also receive a larger number of international business travelers.

Finally, it should be noted that the Indian government is providing enormous aid in the development of the aviation industry, launching the UDAN-RDCS project with the main objective of further developing regional airports and creating more routes.

5. Europe

Europe is one of the most attractive regions to start a professional career as a pilot, after obtaining the license. The European EASA license is highly regarded worldwide,

In addition, the strong introduction of low cost in the Old Continent has significant growth. The possibilities of accumulating flight hours in a relatively short time, make it the ideal setting for pilots with low experience.

Low-cost airlines are the perfect place to accumulate the flight hours necessary to obtain the “complete” ATPL.

The “ATPL” license allows the fact of reaching 1,500 flight hours. These mandatory total hours allow you to fly as a pilot-in-command (PIC) on a certified multi-crew aircraft.

Europe is also the headquarters of some of the most important airlines and holding companies in the sector such as Lufthansa, Iberia British Airways and the other member airlines of the IAG holding company, Air France-KLM and many more. A whole world of professional possibilities for your future as a pilot.

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