The trends of the aviation for 2021

At the last years, the industry of the aviation has suffered an extraordinary renewal: they have removed ancient aircraft substituting them for others more efficient, has increased the number of units of the fleets, deleting paths little profitable and improving the operative that offers at the customer. Everything this has permitted abaratir the cost of the tickets and pose near at hand of any one the possibility to travel with airliner.

Nevertheless 2020, it has resulted being a negative point of inflection at the successful trajectory of the sector hitherto.

The industry of the trading aviation has suffered a to scale world unemployed person, at converting at one of the first at hearing the estralls of the Covid19, because of the drastic fall of the voyages for tourism or bargains. In fact, in Spain registered in May a descent of the demand of #the 69.9%, the more lowers of the year.

As a exception, the transport of cargoes for aerial road has experimented a next growth at the 30%, owed at nice part at the increment of the e-*commerce and the necessities of the sanitary transport. The importance of the airlift at the sanitary sector during the pandemia stays of manifesto of way diàfana especially these days, with the operative deployed to make arrive the vaccine against the Covid at all the corners in the world.

Another of the sectors that have viewed increased his demand is the Corporate Aviation. A very developed segment at regions like the United States, but that in Europe taenia, up to now, little implantation.

Summing at these data, at the last months has gone outlining what will be the future of the trading aviation and the transport of passengers at the era put Covid19. The forecasts of the experts at this sense are encoratjadores, and open new horizons that will treat to go commenting at this article.

Biological security on board

At the onsets of the pandemia, thought that blast with full occupancy of the flight was a focus of contagion.

Nowadays they have arisen distinct surveys that endorse the possibility to travel at an airliner without exposing necessarily at the contagion, still with all the busy plazas.

This level of security is attributable at the famed filters HEPA, that permit to purify totally the air of the airliner each five minutes deleting like this until 99% of the particles. In this way the risk of contagion on board being seated at the corresponding seats is equiparable, for example, at the existent being dempeus at a distance of 1.8 metres.

In fact, the survey published by the IATA, association that groups most of aerial carriers at international level, assures that the risk of contagion on board with the use of mask and taking into account the before related sizes, is very low.

The cases of contagions reported at the onset of the pandemia gave when the use of mask at the airliners still was not obligatory.

Renewal of the fleet of airliners

The ongoing situation, with the practical totality of the fleets on shore, has propiciat a replantejament of the sector at the line “pre-**Covid” already inducted of airliners more efficient and modern, but concurrently with minor capacities that permit main frequencies and minor consumption.

This has been one of the reasons of the cessation of the production of the Airbus A320 –the airliner of passengers bigger in the world- and the beginning of the reconversion of the existent units of this model at freighters of tall capacity.

As a sample, a data:

At the beginning of 2019, there was at active a total of 21.000 airliners Airbus, expects that for the year 2038 this figure duplicate reaching 45.000 aircraft. The continent that more units will require at the next years will be Asia, where expects a demand of a 42%.

Forecast of the demand of aeronautical personnel

The previous situation at the onset of the pandemia signalled a growing deficit of pilots at world level that generated a contracting continued and fast.

An ascending trajectory that with the epidemic has truncated temporally but only partly, so that if well for the moment do not realise hardly new contractings, the truth is that the airways have missed pilots no only because of the restructurings but also because of the retirements.

Still at full pandemia the flux of pilots that have reached the age of retreat has not detained . This factor, joined at the aprimament of the teams, will generate predictably a grave deficit when the situation normalise since the airways no only have not cancelled his requests of new aircraft, but that even the have augmented exponentially.

These data permit to draw an arena encoratjador surroundings at the demand of aeronautical personnel. A survey published by Boeing predicts for the next two decades a tall demand of personnel that describes at the following chart.

We can view like the demand will track on the rise and reinforces especially at continents like Asia.

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Commence your training as a pilot now, means to find you at finalising your surveys at a immillorable position to satisfy the necessities of the airways after the pandemia.

Situation Post-Covid19

Historically, the industry of the aviation has suffered cycles of boom and of stagnation, but can assure that it is one of the most cemented in the world and fundamental piece for the recovery of the to scale world economics. A paper this that does not escape at the economic guidelines of organisations as powerful like the European Union, that has inverted tens of thousands of million through his distinct states members, to maintain the economic health of his airways. The German governance, with the acquisition of the 20% of Lufthansa, or the contributions got by KLM, Air France or Alitalia for part of his respective governances are nice example of this trend.

The IMF (International Monetary Fund) launched in June passed a new report that lance a bit of light for short and half term. This report signifies that it expects that the world economics recover his developmental rate along the next year and that, therefore, the growth of the trading aviation incorporate positive data at the exercise of 2021.

Ara, with the onset of the process of immunisation of the populace makes few days, is to expect that the economic data –among them the referents at the aeronautical sector- can revise on the rise since the prism of the optimism contained that the distribution and administration of the vaccine against the Covid can provide. Definitely an excellent news, at the doors to premiere the 2021.

Happy new year!