Test-flight at Sabadell airport, Barcelona, Spain

Last Friday the EAS Barcelona Pilot School organised a Visitor day at Sabadell airport where it offered a test-flight to the future pilots, in its airplanes with our certified flight instructors – Vanessa and Alejandro.

Thrilled future students of the EAS Barcelona could experience first hand how it feels to fly in the one of the best planes produced for flight training, and equipped with Glass Cockpit – the latest technology featuring electronic (digital) flight instrument displays.

Integrated pilot course

The  EAS Barcelona is looking forward to our next integrated pilot course which starts at our offices, conveniently located right in the center of Barcelona – right next to central Sants train station – on the 26th of June. Registration for our integrated pilot course which starts on the 23rd of October is now open.

Please contact us for more information.

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