If you caught a flight on July 24th, you helped set a new world record. The Flightradar 24 platform recorded the world record for single-day air operations, with 225,000 flights in 24 hours. However, a day later, on July 25, the record was broken again, with 230,000 flights.

Fligh tradar 24 is a platform specialized in real-time air traffic tracking. This tracking has been performed since 2006 and is based on data from several public sources. For example, theAutomatic Dependent Surveillance System – Broadcast (ADS-B), as well as Multilateration (MLAT) and radar data.

More and more aircraft are adopting the ADS-B system, making tracking easier and data becoming more reliable.

Without a doubt, Flight radar 24 is one of the most used and popular applications by aviation professionals, and is listed as one of the most stable and innovative platforms for those who want to consult detailed information of a specific flight.

In this world record, 30,000 aircraft were also reached in the air at the same time, making it a new record in this area as well.

It should be noted that, in achieving this record, commercial flights, cargo planes, private jets, tourist flights, helicopters, gliders and personal aircraft have been accounted for.

This data has also been achieved by the large increase in passenger numbers. In fact, in Europe alone, this number has tripled since 1990. Ticket prices have been lowered and low-cost companies continue to gain market share, so it will make this record more wise in the near future.

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