Where are you currently working?

– Right now I am working for Ryanair based in Marrakech since November last year, after having completed my type rating at 737 in Amsterdam.

Was it difficult to find a job after obtaining the title of commercial pilot?

– Thanks to the training received and the more than favorable situation of the labor market in aviation it was not difficult to find a job. In fact I found my first job in airline even before I finished my Flight Instructor Rating, in addition to having several offers as a flight instructor even before I finished the rating.

Do you think the training received at EAS BARCELONA helped you for your current job?

– I am very grateful to EAS Barcelona for the training received there. To the instructors with whom I had the pleasure of learning and especially to the logistics staff as well as to everyone working in the offices. Grateful for his closeness and above all his efficiency to take forward the Training at a very good pace that allowed me to take the wave of opportunities that we are living in aviation. It was the first place during my Training where I met people who wanted the same thing that I wanted: to learn as much as possible during my Training and I could find a job and fulfill a dream as soon as possible.

Are your work expectations covered?

– Having worked previously in aviation helped me a lot to be realistic about what to expect once I was working in the cabin. Working for the most stable and strongest airline in Europe, all combined with a very competitive salary and the international experience I was looking for make me more than satisfied with my work and personal situation.

Would you recommend EAS BARCELONA as a pilot training center?

– The best decision I could make to push my training forward was to study the last phases of my training with EAS Barcelona. Thanks to their efficiency, professionalism and commitment towards the student, they made of my experience a fantastic instructional environment that pushed me and helped me to achieve my dream. I will never stop recommending them to help others achieve their dreams as one day I did with them.


April 2019

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