Interview with Enrique Moresco Morato, EAS Barcelona, Barcelona student who, 3 months after coming to our school, has been selected by Ryanair as a co-pilot.

EAS Barcelona: You came to our pilot school in April 2017 from another ATO. What was the change due to?

Enrique: 2 years ago, I completed the PPL course but I could not do the modular courses nor the Time Building because my school did not program flights for me. So I decided to switch to EAS Barcelona in order to finish my training.

EAS Barcelona: How has your training been at EAS?

Enrique: It has been amazing for me. A super professional training. I have learned a lot in these 3 months. At the same time, I have been able to do the rest of my time building with the Aeroclub de Catalunya, and I am also very satisfied with the way they treated me.

EAS Barcelona: What courses have you taken in EAS?

Enrique: The modular IR (A) -MEP of 15 hours of flight and 40 of simulator and the modular CPL of 15 hours of flight. Both in little more than 2 months

EAS Barcelona: How did the Ryanair selection go?

Enrique: I knew of Ryanair’s need to hire new pilots so I pre-registered online and two weeks ago they called me for the interview in Dublin. Yesterday, they called me to confirm my incorporation.

EAS Barcelona: Was the test on the simulator difficult?

Enrique: It was quite demanding, and I must say I was asked which school I was coming from,  because I was told that my IR preparation was very good. That’s why I thank EAS for everything they have done for me during these past 3 months!

EAS Barcelona: Congratulations, Enrique, and good luck with your future as an airline pilot!

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