The most spectacular landings in the world

Being an airline pilot is one of the most responsible professions in the world. That is why we have compiled a TOP 6 of the most spectacular landings in the world.

Not only because you are in control of a huge iron bird, but because your decisions depend on the lives of hundreds of passengers and sometimes face situations of maximum stress, on board or during the landing manoeuvre. Fortunately, throughout the training of a pilot, the practice of extreme or emergency situations is commonplace. This ensures safety at all times. It is not for nothing that pilots prepare themselves at all times for situations that may never occur, also during landing.

In this post we have compiled some of the most spectacular landings in the world.

Buckle up and put the back of your seat in the upright position.

Top 6 most spectacular landings in the world

Risky landing on a highway in Quebec, Canada

In 2011, due to an unexpected engine failure, a Cessna C172 aircraft made an emergency landing in the middle of a busy highway in Quebec City, Canada. Fortunately, no one was injured, despite the high risk due to the number of cars on the road.


landing on a Quebec highway

Spectacular landing on the beach in Sao Paulo.

In 2014, on a beach in Sao Paulo city in Brazil, some tourists were able to film the moment when a plane made an emergency landing. The pilot, due to an important loss of fuel, was forced to land in the middle of the coast where there were several people. He had lost too much altitude to resume his flight. Fortunately, thanks to the pilot’s expertise, no one was hurt in this incredible landing.

A similar landing happened in New York on January 15, 2009. An emergency landing on the Hudson River at its mouth in the city. We even made a movie (“Sully”) that is part of our top 7 best aviation films.

landing on a beach in Sao Paulo

landing on a beach in Sao Paulo

Forced landing of a private plane.

In this video we will see an emergency landing made by a private flight after the plane lost one of its wheels. At the moment of landing the front axle broke down causing a wheel to fly off. The plane suffered several high cost damages, but fortunately the pilot’s skills prevented any of the people on board from being hurt.

forced landing of a private plane

Landing at a poorly located airport

More than an emergency landing in this video, we encounter a plane that descended correctly, but in a very complicated airport. It is located in Germany a few meters from a crowded beach. The event took place while a tourist was lying on the beach sunbathing. The poor man had the scare of his life when the plane on its descent practically brushed past him. Pilot Jurgen Drucker, 52, said he did not see the tourist because he was lying on his back and was camouflaging himself in the sand. In this case, the situation calls for a debate: whose fault was it, the pilot who descended too quickly and stayed too close to the sand, or was it the tourist who was badly placed? Leave us in comments at the end of the post your opinion.

landing at misplaced airport

Landing without wheels

This emergency landing made headlines around the world. In fact, several news channels broadcast live everything that happened. It turns out that this JetBlue airline plane was ready to land when the crew noticed that the wheels on the front axle were not properly aligned. Faced with this situation, the pilots wisely decided to resume the flight to see if they could find a solution, but apparently the only option was whether or not to land the plane.

All the crew members were told to fasten their seat belts and the pilot had to land the plane in an emergency.

As soon as the tires touched the asphalt, smoke started coming out, the tires exploded and even caught on fire.

Luckily the expert pilot managed a film stunt where luckily no one was hurt. All this was televised live halfway around the world.

landing with twisted rolls

landing with twisted rolls

Landing in flames

We have left for the end of this top 6 of the most spectacular landings in the world the landing that for many will be the most extreme landing of all.

A military plane better known as a fighter, after a test flight began to have engine problems so the pilot had to descend quickly.

He did his best to make the landing as relaxed as possible, but unfortunately this was not the case.

As soon as the fighter touched the asphalt it began to decompose into pieces and little by little the flames consumed the plane.

Luckily, the pilot had enough reflexes to activate the ejection of his seat in time, which allowed him to get out of the plane as soon as possible, and descend smoothly thanks to the emergency parachute.

landing flames

landing flames 2

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