Previous studies to study for pilot

Many of you wonder what are the previous studies to study for being a pilot, the most appropriate previous studies, or which branch of high school is preferable to choose in order to have enough basic knowledge to be able to become a professional pilot with guarantees of success.

At present, Administration does not require any specific qualifications or previous training, but it does require that the training centers can guarantee, by means of previous level tests on the influential subjects (Physics, Mathematics, and English) that the students have this knowledge at Baccalaureate level or equivalent.

The reason for the required basic subjects is very simple: Mathematics is involved in subjects such as Navigation or Loading and Centering; Physics is involved in Principles of Flight or Meteorology since both subjects are based on principles and laws of Physics. Finally, English, as aviation is extraordinarily cosmopolitan and international, is absolutely essential. In the previous studies to become a pilot, an extraordinarily high level is not necessary -in fact, a basic level is enough to study- but investing in the learning of this language is nowadays an excellent investment in any field.

The ATPL integrated course is an “ab initio” course, i.e. from scratch, and therefore no previous knowledge is required. On the other hand, in the modular courses (Modular) we start from a previous recreational (non-professional) license: the PPL, or Private Pilot License.

Nowadays, the tasks onboard have been adapted to new technologies, and therefore the pilot must be able to correctly use the advances that modern avionics provide. Today, pilots’ tasks are supported by electronic systems – for example, in the Airbus A320, there are seven computer cores involved – which contribute to facilitate many processes, reducing the pilots’ workload.

Which baccalaureate is advisable to study

As we have already mentioned, the importance of having a good foundation before starting to study to become a pilot is essential. In this sense, the previous training within a regulated curriculum is a very important foundation for the subsequent training of the pilot on a solid base.

For this reason, we recommend that the previous studies to be able to study to be a pilot go towards the choice of a scientific or technological baccalaureate, since it will provide invaluable tools for the later formation as a pilot.

And the students of baccalaureate of letters, can they be pilots?

Of course. Many professional pilots have previously studied for a Bachelor of Arts degree, so choosing a social baccalaureate does not have to frustrate your aspirations in the world of aviation. At the end, your mathematics background will be sufficient even with a non-scientific training. As for Physics, at EAS Barcelona we will provide you with additional classes focused on those aspects that will be necessary for you to reach the optimal level in a few weeks.

The importance of English

EAS Barcelona currently has students from more than 30 different countries, but this is not the only reason why classes are taught in English. English is the language around which the aeronautical world moves. Manuals, checklists, radio communications… in one of the most international professions, English is used for everything. It is not surprising then that in the previous studies to become a pilot, a good level in this language is one of the best investments that a young person can make (and not only for aviation), so one of the recommendations we give you is to start the course with a good level.

The oral and written fluency of the language will facilitate a better understanding of the concepts, while it will greatly facilitate the subsequent insertion in the labor market.