NEW PBN COURSES (Performance based navigation)

EAS Barcelona teaches PBN courses aimed at all airplane pilots who have IR rating. This course allows pilots and instructors to maintain all capacities in its instrumental rating to fly in accordance with navigation based performance (PBN) according to UE 2016/539 Regulations that modifies 1178/2011.

EAS Barcelona has received the approval for the realization of the courses, becoming one of the first ATOs that can do the courses in a FNPTII simulator certified for the 4 types of RNP approaches and being able to also carry out the approaches with their planes approved for PBN too.

The course includes a theoretical part, practical part in a simulator and a skill test, after which the PBN competition will be recorded in the pilot’s logbook. As of 25th August 2018, pilots who have not completed the course, may only fly routes and approaches that do not require PBN attributions and only until 25th August 2020, when it will be required to maintain the IFR (instrument flight rules) rating.

Likewise, all FI and IRI instructors must include the PBN attribution for instructing in instruments.