How are contrails left by airplanes generated and affected?

What are airplane contrails?

The white trails that aircraft sometimes leave in their wake are produced as a consequence of the high temperature of the gas jets that come out of the engines (often at temperatures above 500º C) in contrast to the low temperatures – of the order of minus 56ºC – which prevail at the heights at which commercial flights normally take place, which causes condensation and subsequent freezing of the water vapor they contain. These condensation trails – popularly known as “contrails”, a word derived from the English “condensation trails” – can turn into clouds, depending on the prevailing humidity, temperature and wind conditions at all times.

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evolución de Iberia

In this second part of the company’s history, we are going to talk about the evolution of Iberia from the arrival of the reactors in the 1960s to the present day.

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According to the following article by El Confidencial, corporate and private aviation services have been living in Europe for some years. Spain is one of its most notable markets, with increases in the number of flight and hours, to or from national airports.

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