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This May, Airbus will celebrate 51 years of activity, going from being a nascent beginner to one of the giants of the aeronautical industry. Read more


According to the following article by El Confidencial, corporate and private aviation services have been living in Europe for some years. Spain is one of its most notable markets, with increases in the number of flight and hours, to or from national airports.

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The EasyJet airline and the manufacturer Airbus work together for the arrival of the electric or hybrid aircraft. The two companies have signed a memorandum of understanding to analyze the opportunities and challenges that this type of aircraft can have that will undoubtedly be more sustainable than the current ones.

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Qatar Airways and Qantas have long struggled to be the airline with the longest flight in the world. However, Singapore Airlines has recently joined the market for very long-distance flights.

The Asian company had recently offered the longest non-stop flight in the world, connecting the cities of Singapore and Newark (New Jersey) on a trip of just over 17 hours, and previously this record was held by Qatar Airways, with its 17.5 hour flight linking Auckland (New Zealand) and Doha (Qatar). Another airline that bets on this type of flights is the Australian company Qantas. Until now, its longest route without stops was the Perth (Australia) -Londres route, which runs in 17 hours. 

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Nowadays, just over 5% of commercial flight pilots are women, according to the International Airline Pilots Association.

The country with the most female pilots is India, and Asian airlines are the ones that employ the highest proportion of female pilots. This is undoubtedly one of the professions with the greatest gender inequality. Read more

On August 25, 100 years of the first international commercial flight were completed. On the same day of 1919, an international commercial flight took off and landed without any incident.

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Seminario de refresco FI (A) / CRI(MEP) / IRI (A)

EAS Barcelona forms in all the professional profiles that constitute the crews of the airline planes.

The qualification required to occupy these places is obtained from the ATO approval, through the specific programs of EAS Barcelona, ​​in the courses called ATP (Air Transport Pilot).

The ATP course consists of a theoretical part, a simulator part and a flight part. They are not parts that are executed sequentially, one after another, but they are coordinated parts, of simultaneous execution in certain phases, that configure the integration of studies for a solid and effective learning.

The simulator practices are carried out in an Airbus A-320 simulator, located in our offices in Barcelona.
EAS Barcelona has the most current technology to guarantee an optimal evolution in the learning of our students. We use the cockpit technology used in all modern airlines of the world, with the representation of flight data on large screens that offer more information and better interpretation of the parameters. It is what is called “Glass Cockpit”.

Below, you can see all the details of our Airbus A-320 simulator:


Airport activity is increasing. That is said in the latest data published by the ACI (International Airports Council), which reflect a significant increase in passenger numbers, air cargo traffic and total aircraft movements. By quantifying this data, global passenger traffic increased 7.5% in 2017, one of the highest growth rates on record.

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Air work is considered any specialized commercial aviation operation that does not include air transport operation.

They are those aircraft operations in which it applies to specialized services such as agriculture, construction, photography, plane-raising, observation and patrol, search and rescue, aerial advertisements, etc…

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If you caught a flight on July 24th, you helped set a new world record. The Flightradar 24 platform recorded the world record for single-day air operations, with 225,000 flights in 24 hours. However, a day later, on July 25, the record was broken again, with 230,000 flights.

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